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A territory to discover

Castillon is situated at the junction between the Bordeaux and Périgord areas. There are multiple attractions, places to see and historical sites to visit in both regions where Michel de MONTAIGNE (Bordeaux mayor: 1581-1585) lived. Nothing is easier than to add a few sightseeing days in a unique territory to the pleasure of living an exceptional outdoor night show!

2.5 miles away : Castillon-la-Bataille

  • Visit a Hundred Years’ War exhibition, created by the city, GRHESAC and the Army Museum
  • Participate in tasting tours suggested by the Maison du Vin to discover the "Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux" appellation
  • Test medieval practices through workshops organized at the multimedia library
  • Stroll around in the heart of the historic city on guided tours organized by the Castillon "Office du Tourisme"

  • montaigne

    5.6 miles away : the Castle of Montaigne

    The ancestral residence where Michel EYQUEM, lord of MONTAIGNE (1533-1592), known as Michel de MONTAIGNE, was born and died, is located in a majestic park at the hinge of the Bordeaux and Périgord regions. Guided visit of the Castle and the "Tour de la Librairie" (listed Historical 14th century Monument) where the famous humanist philosopher wrote his Essays between 1571 and 1592. Walk in the park, with a panorama on the Lidoire valley...


    8.0 miles away : Saint-Émilion

    Founded in the VIIIth century by Émilion, the city was a high place of religious life... Sheltered behind powerful ramparts during the Hundred Years’ War, it built its grandeur around its wines. A real open-air museum, Saint-Émilion is astonishing not only for its striking troglodyte tradition, but also for its monuments and vestiges of the great Romanesque period, which earned it UNESCO World Heritage status in 1998.


    30.5 miles away : Bordeaux

    Bordeaux is characterized by an exceptional heritage inherited from the 18th century, great figures who have made its intellectual, cultural or political fame and by the wines that bear its name. Its heritage is plural: architectural, intangible, past and future. If its image is made of beautiful stones, the concept extends today to more recent buildings, statues and fountains, literature, gastronomy and lifestyle...